Angela L. Pariselli always seems to have the right solution for every type of issue. It’s no wonder her husband affectionately calls her “the facilitator.” That’s because Angela is extremely focused, determined and results-driven when it comes to not only matching people with suitable resources, but successfully fulfilling their unique individual needs.

In her real estate work, Angela is as incredibly gratified as she is effective – effective not just in the way she deals with and relates well to clients, but in the way she streamlines the purchase or sale process, instills confident decisions with her well-researched guidance, and makes their experience seamless with her hands-on personal service.

A native New Yorker, Angela earned her BS degree in Sociology from Queens College and a certificate in Paralegal Studies from Bernard Baruch College. She subsequently worked in the legal profession for over 30 years as a paralegal manager and office administrator for Manhattan-based law firms.

Angela and her husband, Charles, with whom she shares a deep knowledge of and passion for the possibilities of construction and renovation, gutted and remodeled their own beautiful home where they reside. Angela, who has served on numerous boards in the past, also enjoys travel and wine tasting to unwind when time allows.